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December 5, 2010 / jmeuropeana

Today in Europeana: 5 December

On the 5th of December:

Sinterklaas is celebrated in the Netherlands, Belgium and parts of Germany. Officially the ‘name day’ of Saint Nicholas is the 6th of December, but the festivities usually take place on the eve of that occasion, i.e., on the 5th.
Traditionally he would come into town by steamer:
Sinterklaas arriveert per boot in Rotterdam

He will then mount a horse to first ride through the streets of town, and later, at night across all the rooftops to deliver presents. His trusted helpers known as Zwarte Pieten (Black Peters) go down the chimneys to do this, hence their black faces. Oh, and traditionally Sinterklaas lives in Spain, and recruits his Zwarte Pieten from the moorish cummunity.
Sinterklaas in Rotterdam. Op de Parkkade wordt Sinterklaas begroet door de kinderen

Other modes of transport are also occasionally used:
Sinterklaas komt aan met Fokker Friendship
Sinterklaas wordt vervoerd per fiets
Opdracht Telegraaf, Sinterklaas met hijskraan


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