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December 7, 2010 / jmeuropeana

Today in Europeana: 7 December

On the 7th of December –
The new Blijdorp Zoo opens in Rotterdam; Cicero killed in Formiae; Japan attacks Pearl Harbour.

In 1940 the new Diergaarde Blijdorp opened in Rotterdam. The old one was destroyed in the bombing raid on Rotterdam early May 1940. As I have been getting complaints about the low number of giraffes on this blog, here are a few, from 1960, 1962, 1964 and 1965 respectively:
Giraffen in Blijdorp door het mooie weer naar buiten, kop van een der moeders
Giraffe geboren in Diergaarde Blijdorp
Giraffe jong in Blijdorp geboren, moeder met haar jong
Giraffejong in Blijdorp geboren

Marcus Tullius Cicero was murdered in Formiae in 43 BCE.
And some of his works in German, rather than Latin – perhaps easier accessible for the audience of this blog – for me anyway 🙂 (full text is available):
Des Römischen Consuls M. T. Cicero Drey Bücher von dem Wesen und den Eigenschaften der Götter, an den Marcus Brutus, aus dem Lateinischen in das Deutsche übersetzt

The Imperial Japanese Army attacks Pearl Harbour in 1941. The footage in the clip shown below was taken by pilots that took part in the attack, and was shown in a newsreel that was published in occupied France:
Attaque japonaise aux îles Hawaï..


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