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December 8, 2010 / jmeuropeana

Today in Europeana: 8 December

On the 8th of December –

Margaret Hughes was the first woman actor to appear on the British stage; Jan Ingenhousz (or Ingen-Housz) was born; the sea battle of the Falkland Islands was fought.

In 1669 Margareth Hughes was the first woman to appear on the British acting stage. She played Desdemona in Shakespeare’s Othello.
Margaret Hughes
This is a French translation of Othello, from 1799, by ‘le Citoyen Ducis’ ( Ducis, Jean-François (1733-1817) ). It was scanned by BNF from a microfiche edition published by Pergamon Press, hence the strange title page image – it is a test card used in micro-filming. The book is available in full-text:
Othello, ou Le More de Venise : tragédie ([Reprod.]) / par le citoyen Ducis

Jan Ingen-Housz, Dutch physiologist, biologist and chemist, was born in 1730. He is best known for discovering photosynthesis; though not yet explaining the process, he did show that light is essential for it to happen. This scientific biography from 1905 is available in full-text:
Jan Ingen-Housz : sein Leben und sein Wirken als Naturforscher und Arzt /

In 1914 the Battle of the Falkland Islands was fought between the British and German navy. The British won, and only lost 10 men. The Germans about 1500, including Admiral von Spee, as well as 4 ships. Below is a commemorative band issued by the Germans to remember the fallen heroes of the battle. The Dresden was the only German cruiser to survive the battle, and was later sunk at Robinson Crusoe Island off the coast of Brasil.


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