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January 3, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Post a Day Challenge from WordPress

The PostADay challenge from WordPress fits very nicely with what I’ve been doing here for the past month or so.
It offers help and inspiration – not to mention gentle (I hope) reminders for bloggers who set themselves the target of blogging at least once a day. For the less ambitious there is the option to go for the BlogAWeek challenge.

At I’ve always (well, that’s only a little over a month now) tried to maintain a one-blog-per-day minimum.
Here are some of the trade secrets:
use an external trigger: I use the lists of ‘events of the day’ to inspire me with events that I then try to find matching content in for. Sometimes I have to check both the English as well as the Dutch, French and German versions, but there is always something to write about. For the Today in the News category I scan the newspaper websites to see if there is some news with a ‘cultural heritage’ component. As today’s posts about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Boney M. prove, I cast a very wide net.
use the pre- and post-dating function in stead of ‘publish immediately’: you can set the date that a blog goes live both in the future (to work ahead) and in the past (to cover for a brief lapse in discipline).
remember that blogging is fun, and more blogging is more fun: writing more makes it easier to have fun, as you get to know the tools better and you will find your voice.


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