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January 6, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Today in Europeana: 6 January

On the 6th of January –

Henri Mill receives a patent for a typewriter-like machine;

As early as 1714 a Henri Mill received a patent for a machine that, in its description, looks very much like a typewriter. Of course the actual typewriter as we know it was invented in the 1860’s by Sholes. It is intriguing that such an important invention was done, then lost for 150 years. That situation reminds me of the typesetting and -distributing machines for which a Dr. Church got a patent in 1822, about 50 years before the first practical typesetting machines were constructed. This may be a reflection on the quality of the vetting of patent applications at the time, rather than on inventions being lost in time.
Here are some typewriters from Europeana:

Advert For M. and E. Marx Typewriters
Advert For M. and E. Marx Typewriters reverseTypewriter

The ‘school furniture of the future’, with built-in Television screen, taperecorder and typewriter (1970):
Schoolbank van de toekomst met ingebouwd T-scherm, bandrecorder en schrijfmachine, Oostenrijk

And some music:
Monkey With A Typewriter


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