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January 8, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Today in Europeana: 8 January

On the 8th of January –

Hollerith recieves a patent for his punched card system; the forerunner of the Technical University of Delft is founded; Alfred Russell Wallace is born.

In 1889 Herman Hollerith receives a patent for the punched card calculator, or as the patent application poetical;ly puts is ‘the art of applying statistics’. This system is an important forerunner of the computer you are using to read this…

In 1842 the ‘Koninklijke Akademie ter opleiding van burgerlijke ingenieurs zoo voor ‘s lands dienst als voor de nijverheid en van kweekelingen voor den handel’ (Royal Academy for the eduication of civil engineers both for country and industry as well as for trade) was founded. It is the direct forerunner of the Delft University of Technology, my alma mater.
The 1960’s auditorium:
Aula van de Technische Hogeschool Delft
A new computer is installed in 1964 (note that it is operated by a data-entry typist). At the time this was an important event – the Minister for Education came to do the honours :
Rekeninstallatie in gebruik op Technische Hogeschool te Delft door Zijne Excellentie mr. Th. Bot van Onderwijs Kunst en Wetenschappen door druk op de knop
The neculear research reactor:
De kernreactor, een onderdeel van de Technische Hogeschool in Delft, is een ontwerp van het Rotterdamse architectenbureau Van den Broek en Bakema

In 1823 British biologist and naturalist Alfred Russell Wallace is born. Together with Darwin he discovered evolution. (By the way: isn’t it time we stop saying ‘the theory of evolution’ and start calling it evolution? We don’t talk about the ‘theory of gravity’ either.)
My life : a record of events and opinions / by Alfred Russel Wallace.


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