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January 18, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Looking for excitement?

Occasionaly we at Europeana are confronted with the fact that a lot of internet use is dedicated to finding exciting and (sexually) arousing content. One of the recent examples was that I noticed in Google Analytics that the biggest single real search term used on the serach engines referring to Europeana is ‘femme nue’ (‘naked woman’). Of course this is a perfectly valid title for a number of paintings, which is why the search engine refer to Europeana. But I can’t help but wonder if all the people who find Europeana through this route are indeed interested in art history.

On the Europeana front page we have a feature called PACTA ‘People Are Currently Thinking About’. Originally, in the prototype this was a real-time representation of what people actually wre searching on. And apparently at that time there were a lot of searches for various body parts. Having those searches appear on the front page in itself generated a lot of interest for those particular searches. Now we are not prudish, but this was not exactly the focus on content that we wanted to promote. In response we have put a delay and an editing step on the PACTA results. We now see in the actual site-search logs that those types of searches still occor, but much less frequently.

Let me help you find some exciting stuff in Europeana:
Searching for ‘pussy’:
Pussy G
As a bonus this also matches a search for ‘top model’ 🙂

and some ‘sex’ (= six in Latin…)
Elegantiarum libri sex, deque reciprocatione libellus. Adnotationes eiusdem in Antonium Raudensem. Apologus seu actus scenic[us] in Pogiu[m] florentinum

looking for ‘penis’ (= penalties in Latin. Ah, I realise that could be exciting for a specific target group…)
Bulla s.d.n. Pauli diuina prouidentia papae ^IIII=4.^, qua nisi occupatores bonorum, Camere apostolicae& debitores censuum, annatarum, & quindenniorum ac aliarum quarumcunque rerum ea restituerint, ac soluerint, infra duos menses à publicatione huius, feudis, bonis, & beneficiis, ac aliis rebus pro quibus soluere tenentur priuati declarantur, & ad satisfactionem Camere apostolicae sub censuris, & penis eosdem teneri decernuntur.

And looking for vagina, you find this historical medical object:
Interesting but hardly exciting.

And this is one result for ‘femme nue’ in Europeana, a video no less. It shows how the ladies at Elizabeth Arden use paint to replace the silk stockings that were no longer available in 1941. It was recorded and broadcast by the pro-nazi press in occupied France. But that is a whole different can of worms:

If, my attempts to show how utterly boring Europeana is notwithstanding 🙂 , you still feel aroused, please read the following tract and heed the warnings it contains:
Onania or the heinous Sin of Self-Pollution, and all its Frightfull Consequences in both Sexes


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