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January 18, 2011 / jmeuropeana

World Snowman Day

The 18th of January –

Is the ‘World Day of the Snowman‘. Why? Because

  • the figure 18 looks like a snowman with his broomstick
  • the Snowman is a universal symbol of the fun of winter
  • and we can all use a little fun, the day after Blue Monday

Here are some snowman and snowwomen (snowpeople?) from Europeana:


A snowman in a library – how appropriate for Europeana:
Snowman Storytime at Heanor Library, 1987

Translated title for this print: ‘he who wants to taste true joy on ice, should always guard his health’. ‘Making a snowman’ is the third image down on the left. By the way, in Dutch a snowman is called a sneeuwpop – a snow puppet.
Die ware vreugd op't ijs wil smaken, Moet steeds voor zijn gezondheid waken

Some inspiration for the Southern Hemisphere: a snowman does not have to be made out of snow. This one is made out of sand. The snowman is the figure on the left:

Making a snowman is a regal pursuit:
Prinses Beatrix en prinses Irene maken een sneeuwpop

Snowman used in ‘advertising’, even in the DDR, for frozen foods:
Neugatterslebener Feinkost Junge Erbsen

A fine specimen. I love the hat, which is also made out of snow:

Even in the Middle East, children can build a snowman now and again (see at 36s.):
La neige à Jérusalem..


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