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January 23, 2011 / jmeuropeana

writer’s block and other reasons people can’t write: Rabelais, Schubart

On the 23rd of January –

After a monumental 11-year writer’s block, in 1546 François Rabelais publishes Tiers Livres, a sequel to Gargantua et Pantagruel:
Tiers livre des faictz et dictz heroïques du noble Pantagruel

In 1777 German poet, compser, organist and journalist Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart is arrested in a monastery cell in Blaubeuren for criticizing the government. Duke Carl Eugen orders him locked up in Festung Hohenasperg for a ten year programme of re-education – so trying to re-educate political opponents is not a Chinese invention after all…
Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart
Das Wetterleuchten über Europa am Ende des Jahrhunderts gesehen im Jahre 1788 : (aus den Papieren eines verstorbenen Geistersehers) / [Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart]
He is now mostly remembered (if at all) as the poet of Die Forelle, turned into a Lied by Franz Schubert, here is one example recording of the 17 (!) we have in Europeana, this one sung by Kirsten Flagstad:
Die Forelle (D. 550)


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