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January 26, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Australia Day, Rupprecht Geiger, Roger Vadim

On the 26th of January –

The British First Fleet lands in Port Jackson – now known as Sidney – in 1788 and establishes the first permanent European settlement on the Australian continent. Happy Australia Day!
The ”History” below was published only 14 years later, so here’s a chance for all of you who wanted to be able to claim that they have read the ‘full history of Australia’:
The history of New South Wales including Botany Bay, Port Jackson, Pamaratta, Sydney, and all its dependancies, from the original discovery of the island : with the customs and manners of the natives, and an account of the English by George Barrington ; enriched with beautiful coloured prints

In 1905 German painter Rupprecht Geiger is born in Munich.
Katholische Pfarrkirche Sankt Ludwig

Another birth: Roger Vadim, French film director, is born in 1928 in Paris as Roger Vladimir Plemiannikov, son of a Ukranian immigrant. Here is a video interview of him talking about his film ‘Le vice et la vertue‘. Perhaps not his greatest work, judging by the IMDB synopsis:
“During the last year of the 2d world war, german officers keep young and pretty girls as prisoners in a French castle for their only sexual pleasure while the others are fighting…”:
Le vice et la vertu..


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