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January 28, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Data Privacy Day

Congratulations: the 28th of January is Data Privacy Day.

In Europeana we adhere to the Europeana Privacy Policy, and try to be aware of how information we have to collect to do our work may contain sensitive information: saved searches, saved items, search behaviour of users etc. All information that can be related to individuals is secured or anonymised wherever possible, and such information is never shared with anyone other than network partners involved in very specific tasks related to log file analysis.

Here is a Dutch video report from 1985 on computer privacy… (The section on privacy starts at 13:00) We have known about the issues for over 25 years, and by now you would expect the problems to have been solved. The trouble is that the rate of development of security measures is outweighed by the growth in the number of places where privacy related information is stored.

This report from 2000 is on hacking (one wonders that even after the non-event of computer failure in Y2K, reporters were looking for other IT-related subjects to investigate…):
Piratage informatique / Internet..

Some other hackers in Europeana:
HACKER AND LESTER (titre inscrit, anglais)
Disp. theol. de principibus theologiae materiis : Deo in se, Deo trino et uno, Incarnatione, Sacramento Eucharistiae
Hacker, Francis


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