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January 30, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Alexander destroys Persepolis, Ghandi murdered, Peace of Munster

On the 30th of January –

In 330 BCE Alexander the Great captures and destroyed Persepolis. In the Middle Ages Alexander was the role model for young aristocrats to follow – presumably without imitating his attachment to Hephaestion…
Archäologisches Gebiet Persepolis
Roman d'Alexandre d'après Pseudo-Callisthène
Aristotle instructs the king on nature's wisdom, in Pseudo-Aristotle's 'About the Secrets of Secrets'

In 1948 Mahatma Ghandi is assassinated by a religious fanatic. His death is the beginning of the end of the mult-religious harmony that he helped shape and that was instrumental in ending the British rule in India. This video shows his funeral:
Les grandioses funérailles de Gandhi..

In 1648 the peace treaty of Münster (vrede van Münster) was agreed, which ended the Spanish-Dutch war of independence that had started eighty (!) years earlier. Many consider this the formal birth of what is now the Netherlands. Formal signing of the treaty was delayed until teh 15th of May that year.
TRACTAET van VREDE, Beslooten den dertichsten Januarij deses jegenwoordighen Jaers sesthien hondert en acht en veertich binnen de Stadt van Munster in Westphalen, tusschen den Doorluchtichsten en Grootmachtigen Prince PHILLIPS de vierde van dien naem, Coninck van Hispannien, &c. ter eenre, ende de Hoogh Moogende Heeren Staten Generael vande Geunierde Nederlanden, ter andere zijde.
Het beëdigen van de Vrede van Munster, in de grote zaal van het stadhuis aldaar.
The treaty was celebrated in many Dutch towns with parades and theatrical displays. Her is an example form the small town of Wormer:
Feestelijke optocht in Wormer, ter ere van de vrede van Munster


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