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January 31, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Most viewed object last month

Looking through the Google Analytics results of last month (January 2011) for europeana, I saw that the three most viewed individual obects were (with 1808, 1123 and 453 views respectively):

Meisje met de parel
Philosophiæ naturalis principia mathematica
Firenze - R. Galleria Pitti. Adamo ed Eva cacciati dal Paradiso Terrestre. (Andrea del Minga.)

All three were featured in the press releases that were issued surrounding the publication of the Comite des Sages report “The New Renaissance”.
The first ‘unaided’ object would seem to be an archeoligical object. This is the first object people see when they start the timeline from the europeana home page, and it got 322 views.
Les deux rennes se suivant

The first really unaided one is this, with 179 views:
Nouveau zodiaque qui contient les positions des étoiles fixes, que la lune et les planètes doivent rencontrer en parcourant leurs orbites / par Dheulland

With an estimated total object view count of 700.000, and the biggest singel object being viewed less than 2.000 times, Europeana is a true long-tail application.


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