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February 2, 2011 / jmeuropeana

World Wetlands Day

On the 2nd of February –

World Wetlands Day is celebrated. For alliteration purposes I think they started with a World Wetlands Week, but as Wetlands are shrinking all around the world, it seems we are now down to a single day. All joking aside, the world’s wetlands are endangered, due to growing demands for human safety (think Katrina, think Tsunami), rising sea levels, pollution, encroaching human settlement and agriculture etc. etc.
Here are some Wetlands images from Europeana:
Zeekaart van de Waddenzee: Eierlandsche gronden en van Den Helder tot Harlingen.
Luchtopname. landschapsvormen, waddenzee, rottummerplaat

A 18m video report of life in the Camargue:
La Camargue de toujours..
MNATP. Enquête conduite par Marie-France Gueusquin en Provence (1992-2000)

The Fens – when they were still true wetlands in 1603. They were later drained and poldered (is that an English word?):
The Fens


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