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February 3, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Tulip Mania, Felix Mendelssohn, Benelux

On the 3rd of February –

The Tulip Mania bubble collapses in 1637.
Satire op de Tulpomania;Satire on Tulip Mania
Verscheyde Nieuwe Tulpen, en andere Bloemen/ Novae et exquisitae Florum Icones

German composer, pianist, organist and conductor Felix Mendelssohn-Barholdy is born in 1809 in Hamburg. He died in 1845.
Portrait de Felix Mendelssohn, E. Neurdein, Paris, E.01026 N
Auf Flügeln des Gesanges

In 1957 the treaty installing the Benelux Economic Space was signed between the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.
In our modest way we like to see this as the start of ‘Europe’, as it was the first economic treaty in Europe that went beyond the limited domain of the EGKS 🙂 It is of course now largely superseded by the European Union.
Officiële ondertekening van het verdrag tot instelling van de Benelux Economische Unie. Tijdens de rede van minister-president Drees. Vlnr. Larock (België, Buitenlandse Zaken), J. Bech (minister-president Luxemburg), dr. W. Drees, A. v.d. Akker (minister-president België) en J. Luns

Note – some of the images on the embed feature do not seem to show up now, They should appear again soon.
Note (4th february, 10.17am) – images are up again.


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