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February 6, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Thomas Stamford Raffles, Antonio Vieira, Johannes Ockeghem

On the 6th of February –

In 1819 Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles founds the city of Singapore.
A Map of Java : Chiefly from Surveys made during the British Administration
(yes, I know this map is of Java, not Singapore. But it is the original work of Raffles, allegedly)

Collection Van Gennep

Portuguese Jesuit priest and author Antonio Vieira was born in 1608 in Lisbon. One of his major works is called ´History of the Future´, and that would of course be a great title to be in Europeana, but unfortunately, we do not have it yet. We do have several volumes of his sermons, though…
Sermon de la mystica doctora S. Teresa de Iesus

In 1497 Flemish composer Johannes Ockeghem dies in Rome. Here is a fragment of his music:
Cornago-Ockeghem - Qué's Mi Vida Preguntays


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