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February 17, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Giordano Bruno, Joan Sutherland, Mogens Glistrup

On the 17th of February –

In 1600, Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake in Rome for the heritical idea that the stars are similar to the Sun.
Iordani Brvni Nolani De Imaginvm, signorvm, & Idearum compositione: ad omnia Inuentionum, Dispositionum, & memoriae genera Libri Tres
This statue is now on the square where he was burned, the Campo de’ Fiori in Rome:
Denkmal für Giordano Bruno

The big breakthorugh for opera singer Joan Sutherland comes with her 1957 appearance in Covent Garden, London:
Joan Sutherland as Lucia in Covent Garden Opera Company's production of Lucia Di Lammermoor
Disclaimer: This picture is from a performance in 1961, but you get the uidea 🙂
To hear her magnificent voice, seek out these samples.

Mogens Glistrup, Danish millionaire-cum-politician (where have we seen that combination before) is sentenced for dodging his taxes in 1978.
Mogens Glistrup, die de overwinning behaalde bij de Deense parlementsverkiezingen, bij de ingang van het gerechtshof
We have a report on one of his later convictions, from 1981.


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