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February 20, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Andreas Hofer, John Glenn, Norddeutsche Lloyd

On the 20th of February –

Andreas Hofer, Tyrolean freedom fighter against the forces of Napoleon, is executed in 1810 in Mantua after being betrayed for 1500 Guilders by his neighbour Franz Raffl.
Bildnis des Andreas Hofer (1767-1810)
Geschichte Andreas Hofer's, Sandwirths aus Passeyr, Oberanführers der Tyroler im Kriege von 1809 : durchgehends aus Original-Quellen, aus den militairischen Operations-Planen, so wie aus den Papieren Hofer's ... und vieler Anderer
His story has been set to music, written into children’s books, etc.
Andreas Hofer
Die Familie Toaldi, oder der Tyroler Kampf für's Vaterland unter Andreas Hofer. Eine unterhaltende und belehrende Erzählung für Jung und Alt Von Eberhard Stein

In 1962 John Glenn becomes the fiorst American to orbit the earth in a spacecraft. Glenn later went on to become a US Senator, returning to space in 1998 on board the Space Shuttle Discovery ‘to study the effects of space on the elderly’.
John Glenn oppikken door helicopter en in capsule
Glenn et Kennedy..

In 1857 the shipping company Norddeutsche Lloyd is founded in Bremen by Hermann Henrich Meier and Eduard Crüsemann.


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