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February 21, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Dutch Literary Canon

In 2002 the Maatschappij der Nederlandse Letterkunde commissioned a survey to establish which authors and works could be considered to be part of the Dutch Literary Canon (Canon van de Nederlandse Letterkunde). For this they sent out questionnaires to their members: researchers of Dutch literature, literary historians, critics and authors. From the results they compiled a list of the 108 most named authors, and the 100-or so most-named works. They also compiled sub-lists based on literary periods, geography and gender.

I have used this list to generate a page for each author, linking to items in Europeana about those authors. Here is an example page for Multatuli.

The page linking to all of these author pages for the Dutch Literary Canon can be found here.

The Top Ten entries are:
Joost van den Vondel
W.F. Hermans
Van den vos Reynaerde
Louis Couperus
Gerard Reve
P.C. Hooft
Willem Elsschot
G.A. Bredero
Martinus Nijhoff

I generated the author pages using a perl script ( that uses the Europeana API to extract the links to Europeana objects and to thumbnails.
Anyone interested in a copy of the script can mail me. You would also need a Europeana API key, which we can currently only give out to Europeana network partners.
The results are not yet perfect, but they are good and useful enough to start using this method to generate topical pages for the content of Europeana.
When we publish more, I wil keep you informed.

One of the meetings of the Maatschappij, featuring Godfried Bomans and Hella Haase:
Maatschappij Nederlandse Letterkunde houdt discussie met kunstenaars in Koninklijk Instituut voor Tropen Adam Godfried Bomans , H. Haasse


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