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February 22, 2011 / jmeuropeana

update to page-generator

**** start of boring tech talk ***
I have updated the script to generate a title tag for each thumbnail, so that you can get a sense of what the object is about, even is there is no thumbnail to show. I’ve also changed it to use the .srw representation of metadata that the Europeana API now inks to. That way I can access the metadata directly, in stead of relying of going through the html page. This should be more robust against changes in the html and the freemarker templates that are used to generate that html.
Still TODO: generate an interface so that you can easily select search results to in/exclude. Now you would have to go into the generated html code and manually remove the references that are not relevant. They are numbered by rows and columns, but still there has to be a better way.
**** end of boring tech talk ****

What this means for users of the generated pages is that they get a better experience: for each object they get some information about the object when they hover the mouse pointer over it – even when there is no picture.

I’ve updated the Dutch Literary Canon pages, and added a new page focussing on Art Nouveau.
This latter page is very much a work in progress: the template is likely to change, and we are still tweaking the queries to get best results. Comments are welcome.

Obligatory image – a 19th century generator:
Macchina magnetoelettrica di tipo Clarke per elettroterapia


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