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February 25, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Februaristaking, Karl May, Enrico Caruso

On the 25th of February –

In 1941 the ‘februaristaking‘ (February Strike) begins in Amterdam – a general strike organized during World War II in The Netherlands against the anti-Jewish measures and activities by the Nazis. It was largely struck down the next day, and harsh measures were taken to prevent re-occurence. It was the largest organized protest during the occupation.
A monument to the ‘Dokwerker’, (the dock hand) was erected in 1952 to remember and honour the people that suffered as a result of the event, which is still commemorated every year.
Onthulling verzetsmonument Februaristaking door H. M. Amsterdam
Onthulling verzetsmonument Februaristaking door H. M. Amsterdam

Here are a few proclamations that were issued after the strike, illustrating some of the measures taken:
Bekendmaking van de bevelhebber der Weermacht in...
Proclamatie van Gen. Christiansen, betr. het overnemen...

German author Karl May was born in 1846 . He is most noted for his Wild-West stories about Old Shatterhand and Winnetou.
Karl May (Büste)
Grabmalstempel für den Schriftsteller Karl May
In addition he also wrote poetry, a play and music (together with his brother Hans):
Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt

Italian tenor Enrico Caruso was born in 1873. In Europeana we have quite a few historic sound fragments of Caruso. Here is one example:
Che Gelida Manina (from La Boheme Act I)



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  1. jo / Feb 26 2011 12:30

    1941, not 42.

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