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February 26, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Treaty of Roskilde, Escape from Elba, Fats Domino

On teh 26th of February –

In 1658 the Treaty of Roskilde is signed between the King of Denmark-Norway and the Swedes in the Northern Wars. Here is a monument in Uddevalla commemorating the event:

In 1815 Napoleon Bonaparte escapes from Elba to find large parts of the army still loyal to him as he marches on to Paris. The ‘Hundred Days‘ culminating in his final defat at Waterloo began.
To Elba:
The Departure of Napoleon for Elba
Habitation de Napoléon a l'ile d'Elba
And back:
Napoleons Rückkehr von der Insel Elba

Fats Domino is born in 1928 in Vacherie, Louisiana. For once, I am not going to be original 🙂 and include a fragment of ‘Blueberry Hill’:
Blueberry Hill

More Fats Domino in Europeana.
Question – is ths European Cultural Heritage? Most of the recird frgments come from European editions of his records, and the pictures are mostly from a Dutch television show. But still? What do you think? Is this sufficently ‘European’ to be included in Europeana?


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