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February 27, 2011 / jmeuropeana

New Britain, Marinus van der Lubbe, Alexander Borodin

On the 27th of February –

The pacific island of New Britain (now known as Niu Britten) is discovered visited by westerners for the first time by Dampier in 1700.
Plan of the bay Choiseuil from Bougainvilles voyage ; Plan of Mackrel bay and water bay on the s. coast of New Guinea from Dampier ; Port Montague on New Britain from Dampier / W.H. [sculp.]
Here are some objects from New Britain from an ethnographic museum:

In 1933 Marinus van der Lubbe (and most likely others) set fire to the Reichstag building in Berlin. It was just the provocation the Nazis needed to suspend civil liberties even further. Van der Lubbe was decapitated after a show trial. In his hometown of Leiden he is honoured by a street named after him.
Reichtagsbrand 1933
Marinus van der Lubbe
Onthulling naambord Van der Lubbehof in Leiden ( Marinus van de Lubbe ); Koos Vink bij het naambord

Russian musician and composer Alexander Borodin dies in 1887 in Saint Petersburg at the age of 54.
Bildnis Alexander Borodin (1834 - 1887)
I hate a dreary life (Prince Igor)


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