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February 28, 2011 / jmeuropeana

John Wesley, Gereformeerde Kerken Vrijgemaakt, Queen Ranavalona III

On the 28th of February –

In 1784 John Wesley started a church of his own, the Methodist Church. The interesting thing about protestantism is that, without a central authority, it really brings out the human tendency to be independent. In the Netherlands there used to be over 25 (!) different branches of protestantism, with fascinating reasons for splitting up and creating ever more factions. My ‘favourite’ one is the dispute that caused a rift causing the creation of the ‘Gereformeerde Kerken Vrijgemaakt’ in 1944. The dispute was about whether or not the serpent had actually spoken to Eve in Paradise. All sane people had other things to worry about at the time.
Revd. John Wesley, A. M.
The First Methodist Chapel in Derby

Queen Ranavalona of Madagascar is deposed in 1897 by a French military force led by Duchesne.
Carte de l'Île de Madagascar : d'après les documents les plus récents / carte établie par l'Agence Hayard
Madagascar (Série décorative)
Note that on the commemorative plate, Duchesnes head is much bigger than the Queen’s.


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