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March 5, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Mefistofele by Boito, Brittania Bridge, Katyn

On the 5th of March –

Mefistofele, opera by Italian composer Arrigo Boito, premieres in the Scala in Milan in 1868. Boito is perhaps more known as a librettist, with works such as Verdi’s Otello and Falstaff.
Mefistofele : Opera in un prol. e 5 atti di Arrigo Boito. Da rappresentarsi al R. Teatro della Scala, Carnevale-Quaresima 1868. [Johann Wolfgang von Goethe]
Ave, Signor degli e dei santi (Mefistofele)
All in all we have about 70 sound fragments from this one opera 🙂

In 1850 the Britannia Bridge between the Isle of Anglesey and the mainland of Wales is opened. The original rail bridge was replaced after a fire in 1970 by a rail-and-road bridge. We do not have apicture of the original bridge, but we do have one of the monument celebrating this opening:Britannia Bridge Memorial VADS Collection: Public Monuments and Sculpture Association

In 1940 the Russian Politburo signed the order for the execution of 27.500 Polish citizens and military, that later became known as the Katyn massacre. In a classic case of ‘the pot calling the kettle black’ this event was expoited by nazi propaganda:
Im Wald von Katyn
After the war a perhaps slightly more independent inquiry was conducted. For this we have an Italian newsreel (alas, no thumbnail).


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