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March 15, 2011 / jmeuropeana

The Ides of March, Samuel de Champlain, Pancho Villa

On the 15th of March –

it is of course the ‘Ides of March’, so beware:
La mort de César
La Mort de César, tragédie de M. de Voltaire, représentée pour la première fois au Collège d'Harcourt, le 11 aoust 1735. Première édition

Here is some writing by Julius Ceasar in a 15th century manuscript. The quality of the writing is much better than most of today’s printing:
Illuminated Initial, In Caesar's 'Commentaries' With Additions f.57v
Julius Ceasar

Et tu, Brute:
Marcus Junius Brutus (vers av JC 85-vers av JC 42)

Samuel de Champlain sails for ‘New France’ in 1603. There he founds the city of Quebec. Even back then he called the Canadians ‘savages’, so he must have watched a hockey game 🙂
On savages, or the voyage of Samuel Champlain, de Brouage, made in new France in the year one thousand six hundred and three…;Des sauvages, ou Voyage de Samuel Champlain, de Brouage, fait en la France nouvelle l'an mil six cens trois…

In 1916 the USA send 16.000 troops into Mexico to try and capture rebel leader Pancho Villa. They spend nine months in unsuccessful pursuit, after which the troops, commanded by General Pershing are called back because of the US entry into WWI. One in a long row of American failures in dealing with guerilla warfare? In a hat-to-hat contest, Villa wins, no question about that.
Troubles du Mexique : général Panche [Pancho] Villa, victorieux chef des forces constitutionnelles du nord du Mexique : [photographie de presse] / [Agence Rol]
Portrait du Général Pershing


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