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March 17, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Day of compulsory education

On the 17th of March –

In the Netherlands it is the ‘Day of compulsory education’, the ‘Dag van de leerplicht‘. Even in this day and age there are still parents who do not understand that a good education is the most important thing they can give their children. Primary education is free, and secondary education is cheap, and free for those who cannot afford it.
And it is obligatory, until the age of 16. To reinforce this message, the ‘Dag van de leerplicht’ has been created.

To support this excellent initiative, I would like to share some educational images from Europeana with you:
Barred Out (29th May)
Skansen w Kłóbce - szkoła;Open – air ethnographic museum in Kłóbka – school
A School of Monkeys
Leerling in de schoolbank van het klaslokaal tijdens les op school, Indonesië (1947)
Ecole laïque..

Before the sixties, especially girls did not have much access to secondary education. For example my mother, who has a good head on her shoulders, left school after the age of 12 in 1943. The war may have had something to do with that, but her father, who was born in 1880, did not see the point of continued education for his daughters. Her younger brother did go on to secondary education, of course.
In the seventies and eighties, local initiatives sprang up to provide women (and men) who did not have the chance for a secondary education, to catch up. They were called ‘Moedermavo’ (Mothers Mavo, the Mavo being the biggest form of secondary education at the time). I remember feeling very proud that my mother did attend this. It helped her with the job of guiding her three sons through grammar school as well…
Met moedermavo meer mans
Leerlinge van de ''Moedermavo'' maakt haar huiswerk


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