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March 18, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Torrey Canyon, Leopold III, Traian Vuia

On the 18th of March –

In 1967 the oil tanker Torrey Canyon runs aground between Land’s End and the Scilly Isles creating a huge oil slick that threathens mostly the Cornish coast.
Kapitein Pastrengo Rigiotti van de Torrey Canyon , gestrand schip bij Engelse kust
Images des pétroliers : Torrey Canyon, Olympic Bravery, Boehlen, Amoco Cadiz et nettoyage des plages..
In the end the RAF bombed the ship until it sank on the 30th of Marche. The remaining oil was apparently ‘dispersed by favourable wheather’.

In 1950 a referendum was held in Belgium on March 12th, and voted with a small margin in favour of the return of the disgraced King Leopold III from his Swiss exile. On the 18th of March the Belgium government fell over the issue: they can fall over anything – really.
This cartoon compares the democratic process in Belgium and Soviet Russia:

This is some footage of the return of the King to Belgium:
Retour du roi Leopold III et manifestations..
And the national strike that followed his return:

In 1906 Bulgarian aviation pioneer Traian Vuia made his first flight (some would call it a hop, at twelve meter length and one meter height) with his machine, the Traian Vuia I:
Flugapparat von Vuia


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