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March 20, 2011 / jmeuropeana

World Storytelling Day

On the 20th of March –

It is World Storytelling Day (wereldverteldag): people all over the world come together to tell stories – and to listen to them. Oral culture is back on the rise with the growing ease of recording a story on video, and the ease of sharing of your stories through such media as YouTube. But this day focuses on the face-to-face aspect of storytelling.

Here are come collectors and tellers of stories in Europeana:
[Work of the Commission and Department of Irish Folklore: Colum Mac Gille Eathain (right) collecting from Séamas mac Fhionghuin (Seumas Iain Ghunnairigh) the first storyteller from whom he collected in Scotland, Am Bagh a Tuath, Barraigh, Inse Ghal.]
Alec Waddell, a yacht-builder, entertains some young visitors on the River Clyde
The storyteller Shidoken, holding a wooden phallus which he would knock on the table if anybody in his audience fell asleep;Print, pillar (Hashira-e)
Minister Brinkman ontvangt 1e exemplaar sprookjesboek Anansi ( Den Haag ); minister Brinkman met J. Westerbe (NL), Nathalie Schof (Antillen) en Oeska
Festival des jeunes conteurs francophones..
Laterna Magica Bilder


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