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March 26, 2011 / jmeuropeana

A farewell to charms

Last Friday we said goodbye to our colleague Julie, who will be following the love of her life to not only another country, but another continent as well. As a farewell gift we collected some nice objects from Europeana and turned these into a ‘photo album’, as a sort of virtual illustration of her time with Europeana and before that with the European Library.

Here are some of these objects, if you want to explore them. Some of them are really good in and of themselves, some require a little inside knowledge. I am sworn to secrecy – so don’t ask.

Kan met papavers.
Plan Der Stadt en Citadelle van Ryssel

Vie quotidienne à LAGOS..

Some historical Julies:
Julie Aimée Josèphe Dorus-Gras (1805-1896) : [portraits et documents]
Julie Mölter
Julie Medberg
Porträt Julie Friederike Henriette Clodius geb. Stöltzel
Julie Rettich als Thusnelde in F. Halm's Fechter von Ravenna
Un fils de Niobé et Julie jouant aux osselets, à droite

A belly dancer in a museum library:
Mata Hari dansant dans la bibliothèque du Musée Guimet
Belly Dance Hits

Something around Lille – or Quinquin:
Jumelage Kharkov..
Le patois de Lille..

Favourite city: Damascus
Omayaden moskee, de noordzijde van het voorplein met een minaret
Surface Tension - Image 3 - PhotographTitle Larger Entity: Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company (GB 2661 SJ) Title Series: Palimpsest VADS Collection: South Asian Diaspora Literature and Arts Archive
Party in Lille:
La braderie de Lille..
She loves travelling:
Map of the World in Two Hemispheres f. 13
She loves (an) Italian:
cucina con frutta, verdura e un prosciutto
And playing the piano:
Etoile du matin : romance [pour] piano transcrite par l'auteur pour violon ou violoncelle : [op. 201] / Edouard Chavagnat ; [orn. par E. Buval]

A farewell song – o farewell, forget me not!

Some nice European food:
Recette des moules marinière traditionnelles de la braderie..
An Italian recipe (video).
And you might even miss Dutch cooking:
Soclar. [erwtensoep] Fabr.: N.V. “Het Steel” Roermond. (Holland)

A hat from Kyrgyzstan:

And last but not least: the European journey of Julie:
Jeune fille au travail

As a student in Grenoble, Julie worked hard and developed a liking for Italians and pasta. She followed this path on a strangely northward journey to Eindhoven:
Meisjes... komt bij Philips werken...

but working on light bulbs was not the career for her so she tried flower arranging,
Jeunes filles chez un professeur d'arrangement floral, série arrangements floraux élégants

But this too was not quite what she desired, Having discovered that Flower arranging was not the career it was made out to be, Julie put on her clogs and went to become a junior Developer in the National Library of the Netherlands
Here she had to clock in:
Book of Hours Wolfgang Hopyl;Getijden boek Wolfgang Hopyl | Horae | Ghetyden van onser liever vrouwen

and she single-handedly (with some help (?) from Theo) created The European Library.
She was so good that we made her Princess Europeana and the Queen Scrum
Rugby interland Nederland tegen Engeland; 5 spelmoment uit scrum, 6 Engelse overmacht uit scrum
Now a different flavour of pasta is calling her to another continent but she is in good company:
Vertrek staatssecretaris Smit Kroes vanaf Schiphol naar Lagos (Nigeria), zij wordt uitgeleide gedaan door dhr Ahmadu , ambassadeur van Nigeria

Julie, we will miss you!


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