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March 28, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Blood, Gold and Dinosaurs

On the 28th of March –

I enjoyed the first day of a very productive meeting of the Europeana Version 1 WorkPackage 3 in Vienna. Filled with discussions of Linked Open Data, Europeana Data Model and actual real-world implementation of philosophical and theoretically correct data models. Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but I certainly enjoyed it.
At dinner we had sort of a brainstorm on potential themes for User Generated Content projects. Europeana is involved in the Erster Weltkrieg in Alltagsdokumenten project. How about less belligerent themes? We agreed that blood, gold and dinosaurs are the best ways of getting attention, as is common knowledge in programming news shows.

Therefore: here is some blood, some gold and some dinosaurs from Europeana.

Life Blood Still Urgently Needed VADS Collection: Imperial War Museum: Posters of Conflict - The Visual Culture of Public Information and Counter Information
Cupping Instrument
Ter herdenking van de derde verjaardag van de Duitse invasie van Nederland (10 mei 1940), sponsorde de Nederlandse kolonie in New York een bloeddonor campagne voor het Amerikaanse Rode Kruis. Joan Koomans (links) geeft bloed op het hoofkwartier van het Rode Kruis

Vijf gouden slavenarmbanden
Goudstaven worden gewogen in kluis van een bank in New-Yo
Shrofs. Money changer
'The Lord High Chancellor', Scale By David Napier& Son

Models Of Extinct Animals, The Iguanodon
By the way, inside this Iguanodon there was a restaurant (!), so that covers the culinary aspect as well.


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