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March 29, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Coca-Cola, Eurovision Song Festival, Dr. Mabuse

On the 29th of March –

The first batch of Coca-Cola, still containing coca leaves, is brewed in John Pemberton‘s backyard in 1886.

Britsh composer William Walton was born in 1902 in Lancashire.
Five Bagatelles for Guitar - Con slancio
Here are some other fragments of the same recording.

In 1969 the Eurovision Songfestival is tied between 4 artists.
Lenny Kuhr from the Netherlands, singing ‘de Troubadour’ (the Singer):
Lenny Kuhr met haar gitarist Piet Soner , zingt op het Eurovisie Songfestival te Madrid

From Spain: Salomé singing “Vivo cantando” (“I live singing”),
(unfortunately we have no image of her in Europeana)

From the UK: Lulu singing “Boom-boom-a-bang”:
Lulu competing in the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest

From France: Frida Boccara, with “Un jour, un enfant” (“a day, a child”):
Franse zangeres, Frida Boccara , een van de winnaressen van het Eurovisie Songfestival, arriveert op Schiphol, Frida Boccara

It is not very often that we mention here an event that did not take place. The movie premiere of ‘The testament of Dr. Mabuse‘ by Frits Lang is an exception. It was planned for this date in 1933, but was forbidden for ‘dangr for public order and safety’. The actual premiere takes place in Budapest on 21st of April.


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