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April 4, 2011 / jmeuropeana

acronym day: NATO, ABBA, IOC

On the 4th of April –

In 1949 the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) was founded by the signing of, what else, the North Atlantic Treaty. Here is a video of the occasion.
For the first 40 years or so it spent most of its efforts in deterrence, and building up military strength to match or exceed the Russians’.

Later the emphasis came to be more on so-called peace-keeping operations: Bosnia, and now Lybia.

In 1974 ABBA wins the Eurovision songcontest with Waterloo. Interestingly in Europeana we do not have the original version, but we do have no less than 3 other versions.
This is by far the weirdest:
Babies Go Abba
Oh, and tomorrow, the 5th, is Agnetha’s birthday. Congratulations!

In 1894 the first Olympic Games of the modern era started in Athens.

Pierre de Coubertin kop, stichter Olympische Spelen
And here is a nice video about the life of de Coubertin, who initiated the revival of the Olympic Games. The commentary is in Norwegian, but with a smattering of English and German, you should be able to understand most of it.


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