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April 8, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Venus de Milo

On the 8th of April –

The Venus de Milo is discovered on the island of Melos in the Aegean in the year 1820.
She now lives in the Louvre museum in Paris, and there are copies of her all over Europe:
Aphrodite dite Vénus de Milo
Venus von Milo
Rechte Hand der Venus von Milo
Venus de Milo - Escultura
Büste der Venus von Milo
Greek Court, Crystal Palace, Sydenham, Greater London
Venus din Milo

And she inspired some new art as well:
VENUS DE MILO;sans titre

The Essential Miles Davis
(go to ‘view in original context’, then select the track Venus de Milo, it is jazz, sorry, can’t be helped)

Here is a very early description and drawing of the find, from 1821:
Sur la statue antique de Venus Victrix découverte dans l'île de Milo en 1820
(A drawn image is at the eighth page labelled ‘# – –’)


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