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April 10, 2011 / jmeuropeana

10 random items from Europeana

When you do a search on Google using the prefix site: to a site-name, you can limit the results to a specific site. If you just type site: this will give you an overview of alle the pages from that particular site that have been indexed by Google.
I regularly do that for, to moitor progress of the indexing of the Europeana content. We are now at roughly 7.7 Million indexed pages from Europeana, which is roughly half of the total number of objects, and therefore pages, we have. Hurray!

The funny thing is that this also gives you a nice semi-random selection of objects from Europeana – a snapshot if you like. Today I would like to share the current snapshot with you – the first 10 results:

A detailed map from 1815 of the region of Neufchatel in France:
Carte générale de la France. 024, [Forges-les-Eaux - Neufchâtel. Nouv. éd.]. N°24 / R. Brunet sculp.[sit] ; [établie sous la direction de César-François Cassini de Thury]

A waste incineration plant in Premnitz, Germany:
E.ON Müllverbrennungsanlage / Heizkraftwerk in Premnitz

A Swiss memorandum on a political crisis in Italy – soon to be a Dèja Vu:
R.P. no 14. Démission du troisième cabinet De Gasperi

A 1737 map of the Turkish empire in Europe:
Imperium Turcicum in Europa, Asia et Africa Regiones Proprias, Tributarias, Clientelares sicut et omnes eusdem Beglirbegatus seu Praefecturas Generales exhibens / sumptibus Io. Baptista Hommani Noribergae

Plans for the Casa del Labrador de Aranjuez (Guild Hall?) from 1799:
[Planta y cimientos de la Casa del Labrador de Aranjuez] Material gráfico

A Latin book from 1647 from Leipzig, containing a wedding poem (?):
Epithalamia, Nuptiis Viri Nobilissimi, Excellentissimi, Clarissimiq[ue] Dn. Samuelis Benedicti Carpzovii, ... cum ... Anna Maria ... Johannis Erici Ostermanni ... Filia Unica, Wittebergae d. 3. Martii A. O. R. M DC LXXIV. celebratis, Ex Academia Lipsiensi scripta à Fautoribus & Amicis

A Latin book from 1591, where even Google Translate does not help me understand what it is about 🙂
DIALOGO=||RVM SACRORVM || LIBRI QVATVOR.|| AVTORE SEBASTIANO CA-||stellione: qui Opus recognouit: Argumenta || singulis Dialogis praeposuit, et Sententias || subiecit: ex quibus pueri discant offi-||cium, hoc eśt, quid imitandum sit,|| aut declinandum.||ACCESSERVNT NVNC RECENS || EIVSDEM SEBASTIANI CA-||stellionis marginales Annotationes || dó^tissimae.||

An design for the altar of a church in Madrid, from 1701. The thumbnail is not very good, but the image itself is excellent:
[Proyecto para el retablo de la Iglesia de San Salvador de Leganés (Madrid)] Material gráfico

A papal bull from , reaffirming the priviliges granted to the Dominican Order in 1733:
Literae apostolicae SS.D.N.D. Clementis divina providentia Papae XII quibus declaratur, per constitutionem romanus pontifex, nullum praejudicium generatum privilegiis Ordini Praedicatorum legitime competentibus ante constitutionem pretiosus,& praecipuè, circa solemnes processiones SS. Eucharistiae Sacramenti, Dom. infraoct. Corp. Christi, & Rosarii, dominica prima octobris. Et insuper concessiones S. Pii V. Clementis VIII & Benedicti XIII circa duas illas processiones approbantur, confirmantur, & innovantur

A photograph of a miniature in a medieaval manuscript:
Pseudo-Joachim von Fiore, Vaticinia summerum pontificum — Gemalter Buchschmuck, Folio 1recto-7verso — Weissagung zu Papst Urban 5.: Der Papst mit einem Bündel flammender Stäbe und den Schlüsseln Petri, die ein Engel anfaßt. Vor dem Thron ein Pfau, Folio 7recto

All in all a nice cross-section of the type of stuff we have in Europeana…


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