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April 15, 2011 / jmeuropeana

McDonald’s, Abraham Lincoln, Leonardo da Vinci

On the 15th of April –

In 1955 Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s restaurant in a New York suburb:
Big Trek? Big Mac! McDonald''s TM
15 more historic McDonald’s ads can be found here.

Europeana has a nice collection of advertising posters, thanks to ‘Het Reclamearsenaal’, a huge collection of advertising material. Street advertising is becoming more and more dominant in defining the ‘look and feel’ of cities. One thing I noticed on a recent trip to Vienna is that all street advertising there has to do with culture: exhibitions, concerts, etc, etc. Maybe a result of this action? Great way to promote culture over commerce!

In 1865 Abraham Lincoln was murdered by John Wilkes Booth. He died in the morning of the 15th, after being shot the night before while visiting Ford’s Theater in Washington to see the play ‘Our American Cousin‘ by English playwright Tom Taylor.
De in de rotswand uitgehouwen koppen van Amerikaanse president Abraham Lincoln wordt gerepareerd, South Dakota (USA)
Buildings of Disaster (série)/ Ford's Theater
Booth was put to death on April the 26th, and the ONB has an interesting picture of his ‘burial’:
Booth, John Wilkes
Love the metadata by the way – he is listed here only as an artist and actor, not as an assassin.

In 1452 Leonardo da Vinci is born in (where else) Vinci, Italy.
Kopf eines bärtigen Mannes, sog. Selbstbildnis
Birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci
The Madrid Codices of Leonardo Da Vinci (Vol. II);Codices Madrid. Nationalbibliothek Madrid

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  1. segmation / Apr 15 2011 18:21

    Today, Mona Lisa smiles in remembrance of her creator’s birth: April 15th, 1452 is believed to be the birth date of Italian Renaissance painter, architect, engineer, sculptor, inventor, and scientist Leonardo da Vinci. Buon Compleanno, Leonardo!

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