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April 17, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Geoffrey Chaucer, 335 Year’s War, Johann Mattheson

On the 17th of April –

Geoffrey Chaucer ‘publishes’ his Canterbury Tales by reading them at the court of Richard II. Allegedly the piligimage that inspired the Tales was started this same day in the year 1387.
Portrait of Geoffrey Chaucer, in 'The Canterbury Tales'
The Chaucer Songbook
The full text of the Canterbury Tales can be found here.

The 335 Year’s War between the Netehrlands and the Scilly Isles ends by the signing of a formal peace treaty. Declared in 1651 by Admiral Maarten Harpertszn. Tromp against the royalist Navy that was forced to withdraw to the Scilly Isles, it was considered too insignificant to warrant a separate peace treaty. Only in 1986 was this rectified.
Scilly Isles
J. Houbraken - Kopergravure. Portret van Maarten Harpertzoon Tromp.

German composer, writer and lexicographer Johann Mattheson dies in 1764. He was a close friend of Georg Friedrich Händel.
Porträt Johann Mattheson
Historische Anmerckungen über Burnets Geschichte, Die er selbst erlebet hat : Als einen Unentbehrlichen Anhang zum gantzen Werk : Auf vieler Verlangen übersetzet, und mit einigen Erläuterungen versehen;Historical and critical Remarks on Bp. Burnet's History of his own time
XII Sonates a Violino overo Flauto Traverso col Basso Continuo. Composta Dall Sigr: Johannes Mattheson. [D,G,A,D,G,e,A,b,e,A,d,b]

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