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April 18, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Albert Einstein, Roland Garros, No News

On the 18th of April –

Albert Einstein dies in hospital in 1955, aged 76. He was most famous for his much misunderstood Theory of Relativity. Being just a bit eccentric helped his fame of course. Here is some ‘Einstein-inspired’ art from Europeana:
Albert Einstein;Sculpture
Auf einmal ist alles relativ
Einstein, Albert

French WWI aviator Roland Garros is shot down in 1915, but survives. He is put in a German POW camp, but manages to escape early 1918. He starts flying again, but after only a few days is shot and this time killed. His name lives on in the Paris tennis stadium, home of the French Open – Garros was an avid tennis player during his time at university.
Roland Garros..

In 1930 the BBC Radio News announced that there was ‘No News Today, so instead here is some music’ . To honour their honesty in not inventing news that wasn’t, I give you some BBC-related music:

The King's Singers Live at the BBC Proms
Choral Images - Sir Michael Tippett

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