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April 24, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Falklands War, Ernest Shackleton, Hammond organ

On the 24th of April –

The first British casualty of that most silly of wars dies in 1982, the Falklands War: a helicopter crewman lost after a crash. One would think that in the 1980s there would be better ways to resolve conflicts and border disputes, but no, Margaret Thatcher insisted on her pound of flesh.
Mapa geografico que comprehende todos los modernos descubrimientos de la Costa Patagonica y sus Puertos, desde el Rio de la Plata hasta el Puerto del Rio Gallegos, junto al Cabo de las Virgenes, la porcion descubierta del Rio Negro y caminos por la campaña de Buenos Ayres... [Material cartográfico]

Here is Mrs. Thatcher, feebly defending her order to sink the Belgrano, killing 323 Argentinian sailors to a television audience.

One of the true heroes of leadership, Ernest Shackleton launches in a lifeboat with five other crew members form deserted Elephant Island to get help and rescue his entire crew. He was the most prominent exponent of ‘crew comes first’ that ever lived. This first image is from Wikimedia Commons:
Launching the James Caird from the shore of Elephant Island, April 24, 1916
And these are from Europeana:

The Antarctic book : winter quarters 1907-1909.

In 1934 Laurens Hammond patents an Electrical Musical Instrument, now better known as the Hammond organ:
Hammond Organ Jazz

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