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May 2, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Alessandro Scarlatti, Athanasius of Alexandria, Meyerbeer

On the 2nd of May –

Alessandro Scarlatti, Italian composer, and the father of the perhaps even more famous Domenico, is born in 1660 in Palermo.
ritratto di Alessandro Scarlatti
Le clavecin italien après 1700 / Alessandro Scarlatti, Domenico Zipoli, comp. ; Ruggero Gerlin, clav.
Solitudini amene, Cantata for Soprano, Flute & Continuo

It is the day of Saint Athanasius of Alexandria (aka Athanasius the Great). He was a major opponent in the conflict with the Arians at the council of Nicae.
Heiliger Athanasius
A 16th century edition of one of his works, with a preface by Erasmus:
De passione Domini ac de Cruce liber optimus
Do not let the bland thumbnail decieve you, this is a beautifully printed edition!

German composer Giacomo Meyerbeer dies in Paris in 1864. He mostly wrote operas. Here is some sad music he wrote:
Ach, mein Sohn, Segen dir!
And we have a very early Nadar photograph for him, from 1855. I find it fascinating that we can see actual photographs of people born in the 18th century!
Meyerbeer Giacomo, Jakob Liebmann Beer (1791-1864), compositeur allemand


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