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May 5, 2011 / jmeuropeana


Yesterday and today I am visiting a meeting of the ASSETS project which is hosted by one of the project partners: UNESCO in Paris. We saw a lot of interesting demos of new search and retrieval techniques. Some are more mature than others, and some are more suitable for integration in Europeana than others.
We were also geven a very interesting tour of the UNESCO-building. It is archtiecturally interesting, and it also contains many beautiful works of art, such as murals by Picasso and Miro.
Palais de l'UNESCO

As a way of saying ‘thank you’ to our hosts, I would like to present some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites as they are represented in Europeana:
The Rhaetian Railway, with particular attention to the Albula route;Die Rhätische Bahn : mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Albula-Route
Bernese bridges;Berner Brücken : (die Brücken der Stadt Bern)
Ayios Nikolaos tis Steyis-Kakopetria
Molentocht te Kinderdijk, een groepje schaatsers op weg
Bäckerhaus in Nessebar (Bulgarien)
Jellingestenarna, Jylland
Petäjävesi, vanha kirkko
Le bassin minier du Nord candidat à l'Unesco
υδατογραφία;Άποψη της Ακρόπολης από ΝΔ.

There are heaps more (and more heaps) to be found in Europeana, so in the near future I will come back to this.


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