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May 6, 2011 / jmeuropeana

End of renaissance, Royal Wedding

On the 6th of May –

the renaissance ends: in 1527 German and French troops sack Rome, and force the pope to retreat into the Castel Sant’Angelo. Some scholars take this day as the end of the renaissance…
Rome with St Peter's and Castel Sant' Angelo in the Background
Roma. Gall. Spada (in dep. al consigl. di stato). Sebastiano del Biondo [sic] (copia). Ritratto di Celemente VII

In 1960 the first televised British royal wedding takes place between princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones.
These pictures of multiple wedding cakes suggest a hungry crowd of guests, or a contest in buidling wedding cakes – who knows?
Wedding cake for Princess Margaret
Wedding cake for Princess Margaret
Here we see the couple (he was renamed Lord Snowdon – no commoner could possibly be a member of the royal household of course) in Cannes:
Montée des marches pour la princesse Margaret


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