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May 13, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Paris 1968, Julian of Norwich, Great Comet of 1861

On the 13th of May –

Workers join the student protests in Paris in 1968, turing riots into something many believed would amount to a revolution. Officially it never led to anything other than the fall and subsequent re-election of the The Gaulle government, but the results in society were far and wide-ranging:
Mai 68
Studentenrellen Parijs, leider Daniel Chohnbendit voor ingang Sorbonne (links student organisatie)
Demonstraties en gevechten in Parijs. Een in brand gestoken auto in Quartier Latin
Stakende arbeiders bij de Rebaultfabriek in Billancourt bij Parijs
(I think they mean the Renault works, not Rebault 🙂 )

In 1373 Julian of Norwich, a hermit/recluse claims to have had some visions while recoverig from a severe illness. She later wrote these down under the title: ‘Revelations of Divine Love’.
The Beginning of Julian's Spiritual Vision, in a Collection of Theological Works, including Julian of Norwich

In 1861 a Great Comet (C/1861 J1) was sighted for the first time. It eventually passed the earth so close that the earth was actually in the comet’s tail, leading to interesting visual phenomena.
Großer Komet, 1861
Physical aspects of the Comet II, 1861 : (Aus dem American Journal of Science, second series, vol. XXXII, No. 96. - Nov. 1861.)
Continuation of account of the Comet II, 1861


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