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May 14, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Frans Hals Museum, Lewis and Clark, Patrick Bruel

On the 14th of May –

The new location of the Frans Hals Museum opens in Haarlem, the Netherlands, in 1913. It is located in the renovated Oudemannenhuis – the old men’s alms house – , designed by Lieven Lievensz. de Key:
Frans Hals-Museum
It contains a wonderful collection of ‘Old Dutch Masters’, including some by its name-giver Frans Hals.
Vergadering van officieren en onderofficieren van de Cluveniersschutterij;Meeting of Officers and Sergeants of the Civic Guard of St Adrian (the Cluveniers)

In 1804 Lewis and Clark set out on their overland journey to the Pacific by sailing up the Missouri river.
Here is Lewis’ own account of the events:
The travels of Captains Lewis and Clarke from St. Louis, by way of the Missouri and Columbia rivers to the pacific ocean : performed in the years 1804 - 6 by order of the government of the United States ... ; Illustrated with a Map of the Country, inhabited by the Western Tribes of Indian
So you see: Europeana has a lot more to offer than just European culture and history…
But just to give a Europpean perspective on events – Lewis and Clark were not the first ‘non-native americans’ to cross the continent overland. In 1527 Cabeza de Vaca did the same, although only four of his expedition survived.
Here is an English-language version of his accounts:
The narrative of Alvar Núñez Cabeça de Vaca
And between 1789 and 1793 (Sir) Alexander Mackenzie travelled from Montreal to the pacific. Here is his account, in a German translation:
Reisen von Montreal durch Nordwestamerika nach dem Eismeer und der Süd-See in den Jahren 1789 und 1793 : nebst einer Geschichte des Pelzhandels in Canada ; aus dem Englischen ; mit einer allgemeinen Karte und dem Bildnisse des Verfassers

Sometimes when I search in Europeana for relevant material on historic events , I am still amazed at the breadth of what is out there: in this case finding not only the account of Lewis & Clark, but also these full accounts of their two predecessors – to me this shows the usefulness and relevance of Europeana for a wide variety of people.

French singer Patrick Bruel is born in 1959 in Tlemcen, Algeria.

In addition to singing he now also has a career as a professional poker player. He talks about this and many other things in this video:
L'actualité de Patrick Bruel


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