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May 16, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Daylight Saving Time, Jack Mullin, Jim Hensen

On the 16th of May –

Daylight Saving Time (Zomertijd) was introduced by the German occupying forces in the Netherlands in 1940 (so only 6 days after the invasion). At the same time Dutch time was synchronised with Central-European Time (i.e., Berlin Time). After WWII we lost the DST until 1976, when it was reinstated as a result of the oil-crisis of 1973, but we kept the Central-European Time. Before that we were on Amsterdam Time, which was 40 minutes after CET. (UTC:0:20)
1 april gaat zomertijd in; dame zet klokken 1 uur vooruit
DST in Dutch is called Zomertijd – Summertime:

Jack Mullin demonstrates the first magnetic taperecorder in 1946 outside of the German army labs where they were developed. To Mullin’s credit – he was the one that saw the non-military potential, and initially tried to perfect the devices for use in sound recording for Hollywood film recording studios.
This is an early Philips model:
Bandrecorder Philips, EL 3510 uit 1954.

In 1990 Jim Henson, father of the muppets, died in 1990 in New York. I also very much liked some of his other work, such as ‘The Storyteller
Kath. Radio Omroep


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