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May 18, 2011 / jmeuropeana

sports: high jump, Amsterdam Olympic Stadium, Jan Kan

On the 18th of May –

The world record high jump was set at 2.00 meter by George Horine in 1912. Only in 1924 did Harold Osborn clear 2.03, so he would have been the first person able to jump over my head… 🙂
De Amerikaanse titelverdediger en wereldrecordhouder hoogspringen met 2.03 meter Harold M. Osborn springt over de lat tijdens de Olympische Spelen van Amsterdam, 1928. Osborn zou niet in de prijzen vallen.
Osborn is also still the current holder of the standing high jump record: in 1936 (!) he jumped over 1.63. As the discipline is now no longer officially competed, no new official world records are entered in the books. The best ever recorded standing high jump is 1.90m, by Swedish athlete Rune Almén.

The building work for the Amsterdam Olympic Stadium started in 1927. This was only thirteen months before the opening ceremony:
Omslag van Het Leven waarin de Spelen worden aangekondigd. Vrouw met wapen Amsterdam op de borst wijst naar Olympisch Stadion. Collage, met onderaan tekening Olympische vlag.
Olympische Spelen 1928 te Amsterdam , Opening, intocht in het Olympisch Stadion van Engeland. Amsterdam 28 juli 1928.

In 1873 Dutch Foreign Secretary (Minister for Foreign Affairs), member of the ‘Raad van State’ AND player of the Dutch soccer team Jan Kan was born in Nijmegen. Obviously he did not play for Oranje at the time he was Foreign Secretary. This event ties in nicely with the one above: here is a picture of the opening of the Amsterdam Olympic games featuring minister Kan:
Olympisch Stadion, eretribune. Op de eerste rij: burgemeester Willem de Vlugt van Amsterdam. Tweede rij rechts: minister Jan Kan en minister Dirk Jan de Geer.

This is him with his son J.M. Kan performing in a tennis match. His son followed in his fathers footsteps as member of the Raad van State. His other son is more widely known: Wim Kan, the comedian.
J.B. Kan, J.M. Kan


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