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May 19, 2011 / jmeuropeana

infrastructure: Beemster, Trans Siberian Railway, Simplon Tunnel

On the 19th of May –

In 1612 the draining of the Beemster is finished, and the building of the infrastructure – digging ditches, building roads and farms – can start.
The Beemster is a big polder north of Amsterdam. The principal engineer behind the drainage works was Jan Adriaansz. Leeghwater (his surname means ‘low-water’). The Beemster polder has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999.
Beemsterlants Caerte
Een afbeelding op de titalpagina van het Haarlemmermeer-boek van Jan Adriaanszoon Leeghwater (1575-1650) Nederlands waterbouwkundige.

In 1891 building work starts on the Trans Siberian Railway connecting Moscow with Wladivostok:

In 1906 the Simplon Tunnel is inaugurated. The official opening took place 9 days earlier. It links the Swiss town of Brig with Domodossola in Italy and is 19.803 meters long. It does not run exactly below the Simplon Pass.
Bohrmaschine beim Bau des Simplontunnels
Modell zum Bau des Simplontunnels (1898-1905)
Simplon - und Gotthard -Tunnel


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