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May 22, 2011 / jmeuropeana

International Day for Biological Diversity

On the 22nd of May –

It is the International Day for Biological Diversity so: a special salute to our colleagues at the BHL Europe project. They have included some wonderful material in Europeana, including many travel reports from naturalists who went along with voyages of exploration, which I quite frequently use on my blog. All in high-quality scans, all full book scans.

To get some appreciation for biodiversity in Europeana from other sources (this is about diversity, isn’t it), it may help to listen to some of our bird song audio clips (!)
We may well wonder whether that is cultural heritage, but if we are not careful we know one thing for sure: it will be heritage, rather than contemporary sound at some stage.
Here are some examples, unfortunately without thumbnails:
Blue Tit
Here is an image of a Blue Tit-shaped snuff-box – where biodiversity hits cultural heritage:
Snuff Box

Great Tit
Great tit

Mute Swan – what you hear is the sound of its wings, so they are truly mute…
Here is a work of art inspired by the Mute Swan:
Mute Swan VADS Collection:

You can find more bird song clips here.


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