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May 23, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Savanarola executed for heresy – and minor transgression such as murder

On the 23rd of May –

In 1498 Girolamo Savanarola was burnt at the stake for heresy. He was a religious fundamentalist who took over Florence, much like the Ayatollas took over the ruling of Iran in the 1980’s. One of his many claims to fame as a fundamentalist was the ‘Bonfire of the Vanities‘ in 1497 – a burning of all objects relating to sin, things such as mirrors, cosmetics, and certain books. Books are always easy pray in these burnings, both because of their potentially subversive nature – scary, you have to actually read them to know if they are subversive or not, and the fact that they are relatively easy to burn. He also made sodomy into a capital offense. Great guy, this Savanarola.
This is a painting of the actual execution:
Florenz, Ansicht der Stadt mit dem Palazzo Vecchio, Hinrichtung Girolamo Savonarolas auf dem Scheiterhaufen

Fiorentino, Niccolò (?): Girolamo Savonarola

Fratris Hieronymi Savonarole de Ferraria de Simplicitate vite christiane. Aureus liber. Item eiusdem expositio quadruplex super orationem dominicam quarum. Prima dicitur Lectio. Secunda meditatio. tertia Oratio Quarta Contemplatio. Item expositio super psalmun In te, Domine, sepravi. Item regule quedam brevissime ac valde utiles: que ad omnes religiosos pertinent. Item oratio vel psalmus Diligam te Domine.

Very interesting for one so obsessed with vanities: he did allow this painting of himself ‘as Saint Peter the Martyr‘ to be made:
ritratto di Girolamo Savonarola come San Pietro Martire


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