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May 25, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Rosa Bonheur and her family

On the 25th of May –

French realistic painter Rosa Bonheur dies in 1899 at age 77.
Shepherd of the Pyrenees
To quote from the CultureGrid metadata: “Having trained with her father, Bonheur explored her affinity with animals through depicting subjects such as this tranquil scene of a shepherd and his flock in the depths of the French countryside. The flock and the landscape are painted with acute observation. The everyday subject, and the way that Bonheur has used close observation to truthfully represent it, reflect the art of the Realist movement with which she was associated.”

Here are some more of her strikingly realistic paintings:
The Lion at Home
The Stag
Trois études d'un boeuf roux dans un pré

And here she is with her sister Auguste in a painting by her father Raymond Bonheur:
Portrait de Rosa et d'Auguste Bonheur enfants

And at a later age painted by her sister Auguste:
Profil droit de Rosa Bonheur

Quite an artistic family, those Bonheurs.


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